Puppet Provider

News 2011-06-21: Puppet 2.7.0 contains an official pkgutil provider! Thanks to all who contributed!


To get a pkgutil packet provider included into the official source for Puppet.


  • Proposed name is "csw". It's a neutral name that makes sense for use with both OpenCSW and Blastwave
  • Make use of the --single option to gain speed (introduced in pkgutil v1.9)


These are providers already done by hacking existing ones.


There's now an official ticket to implement this: http://projects.puppetlabs.com/issues/4258

Note that the Puppet package from OpenCSW already contains a pkgutil provider.


Here's an article about using pkgutil with Puppet: http://www.andybotting.com/wordpress/using-pkgutil-on-solaris-with-puppet-for-easy-package-management

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